The New Research Report called “Improving the Resilience of Tourism in Al-Quds: The Way Forward for a Competitive Destination Management” has been published as the outcome of the first project implemented under the COMCEC Al-Quds Program in collaboration with the Ministry of National Economy of Palestine and Al-Quds Tourism and Heritage Council (ATHC). This Project aimed at analyzing the tourism infrastructure and developing a tourism destination roadmap for the city.

The report reviews the tourism trends in Al-Quds, analyses the views of tourists, international tour operators, and local stakeholders, presents an environmental analysis, analyses the tourism value chain in Al-Quds, makes comparisons with benchmarking destinations and concludes with a general needs assessment of tourism sector in Al-Quds. It ultimately provides a roadmap and set of policy recommendations that may be useful for policy-makers and other relevant tourism stakeholders in Al-Quds Al-Sharif for future use. The Study also provides a basis for the projects to be financed and implemented under the Grant Scheme for Supporting Non-Profit Organizations within the framework of the COMCEC Al-Quds Program.

The Summary and Full Version of the Report can be downloaded via the links below: