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  • Increasing Sustainability of Food Supply Chains Post-Pandemic Period
  • Mobilizing the Financial Resources Available within the OIC Region for Strengthening the Food Supply Chains
  • Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and/or Socially Responsible Practices for Eliminating Food Loss and Waste
  • Supporting Primary Production Capacities for Preventing Future Supply Crises
  • Developing Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems (AKIS)
  • Empowering Farmer Organizations through Making Use of AKIS
  • Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships for Effective AKIS Applications
  • Establishing and Strengthening of Strong and Resilient Linkages among the AKIS Components for Better Knowledge Exchange
  • Improving New Talent for Agriculture through Developing Connections and Networks between Youth and AKIS Institutions
  • Inclusion of Seasonal Workers into the AKIS for Better Harnessing Their Potential in terms of Investment, Job Creation and Agricultural Productivity
  • Developing Programs and Initiatives for Proper Management of Agricultural Demographic Trends
  • Ensuring Sustainable Agricultural Production through Mitigating and Adapting the Effects of Extreme Climate Change