Mali İşbirliği
Yoksulluğun Azaltılması
Poverty Alleviation
Ulaştırma ve İletişim
Dijital Dönüşüm
Transport And Communications Digital Transformation
  • Sustainable Human Resource Management in Tourism Sector
  • Developing/Improving National Tourism Human Resources Crisis Management Plan/Program/Strategy
  • Improving Human Resources Skills for addressing Changing Customer Demands and Expectations
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship for Tourism Industry Competitiveness in the OIC Countries
  • Developing/Improving financial tools (i.e. incentives) for enhancing women and youth entrepreneurship
  • Designing guidance and training programs in order to increase the number of entrepreneurs in tourism sector
  • Developing effective strategies for improving tourism entrepreneurship
  • Developing and Branding Gastronomy tourism destinations within OIC