Transport And Communications
Mali İşbirliği
Yoksulluğun Azaltılması
Poverty Alleviation
Dijital Dönüşüm
Digital Transformation
  • Utilizing Digital Technologies including Artificial Intelligence in Transport Industry to Alleviate Supply-Chain Risks
  • Ensuring Institutional Readiness to Minimize the Effects of Future Crises in Transport Sector
  • Improving Institutional Mechanisms for Monitoring Transport Service Performance and Quality
  • Developing/Improving Transportation Statistics in the OIC Member States
  • Developing/Improving legal, administrative and supervisory framework with respect to measuring the environmental impacts of transport infrastructure. 
  • Developing/Improving a comprehensive environmental impact assessment strategy for transport infrastructure
  • Enhancing the quality of transport statistics for measuring environmental impacts of transport infrastructure.
  • Developing/Improving guidelines/roadmaps for better risk assessments and ex-post analysis of transport infrastructures. 
  • Developing training programs to improve eco-driving practices 
  • Establishing/Developing robust monitoring systems for tracking emissions
  • Developing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in the OIC Member Countries