Poverty Alleviation
Transport and Communications
Digital Transformation
  • Promoting Standardization in Islamic Finance
  • Promoting the inclusion of Islamic Finance Standards in the Relevant Curriculum of Academic Programs 
  • Improving Legal, Regulatory and Supervisory Frameworks to Provide an Enabling Environment in Islamic Finance
  • Ensuring Legal Framework and Regulatory Compliance for the issuance and control of digital currencies
  • Improving human resource capacity working in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)
  • Developing user-friendly digital wallets or mobile applications that enable individuals to conveniently access and manage their CBDC assets
  • Promoting user trainings and raising awareness about CBDC usage, benefits and security 
  • Encouraging cross-border CBDC usage through standards and protocols among Central Banks and international organizations
  • Improving Fintech: Digital Transformation in Payment Systems in OIC Member Countries