Poverty Alleviation
Poverty Alleviation
Transport and Communications
Transport And Communications
  • Developing/Improving Safe Tourism Environment at Destinations by Setting Hygiene Standards, Safe Tourism Protocols Etc.
  • Enhancing the Resilience of Tourism Industry against Crises through, Among Others, Utilizing Smart Technologies and Applications, and Short-Term Demand Raising Activities/Strategies
  • Developing Effective Strategies for Ensuring Rapid Recovery towards Addressing the Structural Problems in Tourism Industry
  • Promoting Regional Cooperation in the Areas of Safety Standards, Shared Certification and Audit Systems, Universal Application of Testing and Tracking Etc. for Facilitating Tourism Activities
  • Developing/Improving Tourism Workforce Development Strategies
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship for Enhancing Competitiveness in Tourism Industry
  • Developing/Improving National Tourism Human Resources Crisis Management Plan
  • Raising Awareness of Human Resources about Changing Customer Concerns and Expectations
  • Promoting Use of Digital Transformation in the Entire Service Cycle for the Stakeholders in the Tourism Industry