Poverty Alleviation
Transport and Communications
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
  • Utilizing Digital Technologies to Improve Social Protection and Assistance Programs
  • Improving the Social Registry and Information Infrastructure of the Social Assistance Systems
  • Establishing A Single Registry System Connecting the Social Registry with Other Institutional Databases
  • Improving Data Information Systems to Upgrade Interoperability Between Social Assistance Programs
  • Improving vocational education and training strategies to increase youth employment 
  • Developing roadmaps for the digital transformation of national VET Systems
  • Improving the digital competence of teaching staff in utilizing new digital content and methods
  • Establishing/Developing a digital career guidance system to increase youth employment 
  • Encouraging corporate social responsibility initiatives and public-private partnerships for skills development
  • Establishing real-time data collection and machine learning for trend analysis related to skills shortages and mismatches in employment
  • Alleviating Adverse Effects of Natural Disasters on Poor Segments of Society in the OIC Member Countries