Poverty Alleviation
Poverty Alleviation
Transport and Communications
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
  • Increasing Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Promoting Formalization of SMEs towards Eliminating the Informalities in the Sector 
  • Developing National SME Strategy with A Special Emphasis on Internationalization of SMEs
  • Increasing Export Capacities of SMEs through Vocational Education and Training Programs/Projects on Managerial and Human Resources Capacities
  • Promoting the improvement of SMEs’ Products in line with the Product-Specific Standards and Certifications
  • Improving/Developing Market and Product Specific Standardization and Certification Requirements
  • Supporting E-commerce know-how transfer programs among the OIC member countries
  • Improving E-commerce capacities of the SMEs through effective usage of ICT tools
  • Establishing/Developing comprehensive national e-commerce strategies 
  • Developing/Improving web-based platforms for providing information about e-commerce regulations and applications
  • Encouraging youth and women entrepreneurship in e-commerce industry
  • Improving Quality Infrastructure in the OIC Member Countries